Fishing Landing Net 2.6m Foldable Brail Nylon Mesh 60*60cm Hand Net Stainless Steel Retractable Pole

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General Specification:

Name: Hand nets, Scoop net, Dip nets, Landing net


Net Color:Green

Net Material:2mm thick nylon mesh

Net Size:60cm*60cm*60cm/24in*24in*24in

Net Hoop:Triangle 12mm thick stainless steel head

Net Depth:100cm/39in

Open Length:2.6m/8.5ft

Close Length:85cm/33in

Mesh Size:3.5cm*3.5cm/1.4in*1.4in

Net Weight:1745g/62oz

Handle Material:Stainless steel pole


Grip:Non-slip ABS


Feature Highlight

1. 2mm/0.07in thick green nylon net and dia. 12mm/0.47in stainless steel head durable and tough can land very big and sharp species

2. Extra large net head 60*60cm with 1M/39” super depth net, easy to land big games like muskellunge, northern pike or salmon

3. 3 Sections retractable stainless steel pole to meet different length requirements, The longest up to 2.6m

4. Copper connector and full metal handle support for more powerful bearing force, strong and durable in use

5. Large mesh design 3.5mm*3.5mm, reduce the water resistance and easy to land fish

6. Foldable triangle net and telescopic handle for convenient storage and carry












1* Landing Net