Outdoor Aluminum Camping Cookware Kit Cooking Set Travelling Hiking Picnic BBQ Tableware

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Product Details:

Name: Camping Cookware Sets/Camping Pot Set
Model: CK21PT1, CK21PT2
Color: Black
Material: Durable aluminum alloy
Occasions: Camping, leisure, hiking and explore

CK21PT1: 722 g/25.5oz
CK21PT2: 1.35kg/3.0lb

Suitable group size:
CK21PT1: 2-3 persons
CK21PT2: 4-6 persons

Packing list:
3*Bowls 1*Folding scoop 1*Cleaning ball 1*Rice scoop 1*Kettle 1*Middle pot
1*Frying pan

3*Bowls 1*Folding scoop 1*Cleaning ball 1*Rice scoop 1*Dish plate 1*Soup plate
1*Big pot 1*Middle pot 1*Small pot 1*Frying pan


1.Portable for carrying, the total weight of the pot set CK21PT1 is only 722g/1.59lb, the fully folded set is stored in a free mesh bag for easy carrying
2.The pot surface is smooth and delicate, easy to clean, no rust
3.Made of durable aluminum alloy, not easy to deform and corrode, light and strong
4.Plastic pot lid handle avoids being scalded
5.The handles are firmly fastened to the pot body with rivets, prevent accidents caused by
6.Annular designed kettle lid handle, can be unfolded to save space
7.The ring-shape designed kettle bottom increases heating area and accumulates energy, conducts heat faster and more even
8.It is the super convenient tool for family outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, hiking and etc.