1 Person Outdoor Inflatable Cushion Sleeping Pad Air Mattress Moisture-proof Camping Mat w/ Pillow

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General Specification

  • Name: 1 person Sleeping Air Mattress
  • Dimension: 186*60*8.5cm/73*23*3in
  • Weight: 550g/19.4oz(pad weight only)
  • Color: Ocean blue, Oliver green
  • Material: 40D Nylon
  • Package: 1 air mat, 1 airbag, 1 carrying bag
  • Package size: 25*10.5cm/9.8*6in 


  1. 3" thick  tubular design with innovative air cells: adjust to your body shape to provide optimal comfort, support
  2. 550g(19.4oz) 9.8*4in ultralight: PERFECT FOR BACKPACKING, TRAVELLING, CAMPING
  3. Abrasion and tear resistant: durable, waterproof 40D Nylon fabric and extruded TPU Lamination
  4. Easy to inflate and deflate: Comes with an airbag, only take 4-5 times, around 3 minutes to inflate
  5. Multiple uses: in your tent, in/under your sleeping bag, in your hammock, on swimming pool, lake or any floor or hard surface,
  6. The built-in air pillow: Follow the contours of the human anatomy to support the head for optimized comfort 

How to use

  1. Take out the airbag
  2. Connect the airbag with pad valve as the photo shows.
  3. Get as much air as you can into the airbag, then squeeze it into the pad, repeat it several times, close the valve when the pad inflates to the softness you need
  4. Enjoy your sleep