100pcs Teflon Coated Barbed Fishing Hooks Carbon Steel Carp Hook BNR

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Item Specification

Name: Carp Hooks

Model: TFSH-B

Material: 83# High Carbon Steel

Coating: TEFLON Coated

Shape: Wide Gape, down-turned eyes

Size: 2# / 4# / 6# / 8# / 10#

Type: Barbed Hook

Color: Black

Packing: 100pcs/lot

Application: Saltwater/ Freshwater



  1. Matt Black Teflon Coated with great concealment superior anti-rust
  2. All-rounder Wide Gape shape and high strength-to-size ratio: great for use with bottom baits but come into their own with buoyant baits, either in the form of pop-ups or on the surface.
  3. Less electroplating and Chemically Sharpened ultra-point makes hook point more sharp, penetrates easily
  4. Precision tooled to the design at the eye, forged bend, gape, barb and point

Free Hook Box A, B, C Size Based on the Quantity of Your Order



100 * Fishing hook

1* Hook box