20pcs Teflon Coated Wide Gap Offset Hook High Carbon Steel Soft Bait Holder

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General Specification

Name: Crank Worm Hook/Wide Gap Offset Hook
Model: FH18SO1/ FH20SO1
Material: High Carbon Steel
Coating: TEFLON Coated / Black Nickel
Shape: Wide Gap Offset
Size: FH18SO1---2#,1#,1/0#,  2/0#,  3/0#;FH20SO1---2#,1#,1/0#,  2/0#,  3/0#, 4/0#, 5/0#
Type: Barbed Hook
Color: Black
Packing: 20pcs/pack
Application: Saltwater/ Freshwater


Feature Highlight

    •  The Deep Throat features a much longer point section will penetrate farther into a fish's mouth for a more secure hook set.
    • Ultra-sharp point with special barb hooks design, for less mortality rate. The barb was designed to lock fish retreat and let the fish have nowhere to go.
    • Crank Hooks adopt high carbon steel material and forged technique, adds higher tensile strength, not easy to be straightened
    • Premium TEFLON/ Black Nickel corrosion resistant coatings
    • Rigging with worms, and other plastic rubber soft baits, significantly increase your chances to catch bigger fishes.






    • 1 * 10 Pcs Hooks