10pcs 7cm/11g Top Water Hard Bait Popper 5 Colors with Lure Box

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General Specification

Name: Popper
Model: FB18B04
Material: ABS
Color: 5 colors even mixed (2 pcs/color)
Weight: 11g/0.39oz
Length: 7cm/2.8in
Hooks: High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks
Diving Depth: Top water
Application: Saltwater and Freshwater

FB18B04 Popper Bait Feature Highlight

  1. Create splash and “glulck” sound by twitching the lure, which is key to triggering bites

  2. 3D simulation eye, big and bright, more tempting reflective better

  3. Equipped with high strength High carbon steel Treble hooks

  4. The design of Colorful body and simulation fish skin make it more attractive to big fish


H513 Feature Highlight

  1. Exaggerated swing swimming gesture in the water and 2 stainless steel beads make Bass Sound attract fish

  2. 3D lifelike eyes more attractive and realistic

  3. Streamline-body and lifelike skin

  4. High carbon steel treble hooks are very sharp and strong



1, There may be a slight color difference due to the light and screen reason;
2, Normally, we send 10 pcs (or 10pcs set with H513 lure box) with 5 colors even mixed (2 of each color). However, in very few times if any, we might run out of stock of certain color, we’d send you similar color instead under this situation with no further notice, your understanding would be highly appreciated.