1-2 Person Camping Mosquito Net Parachute Hammock Hanging Sleeping Bed

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General Specification

Name: Mosquito Net Parachute Hammock/hanging bed

Model: CB18H01/ CB18H02 / WZDC0003

Bearing Weight (kg/lb): 220/441

Splicing Color:

CB18H01/ CB18H02--- Black/Orange、Blue/Sky blueDark green / Fruit greenArmy Green

WZDC0003---Dark Green (green net)、Black (green net)Blue (green net)Blue/Sky Blue(blue net)Fruit Green/Dark Green (green net)Dark Green/Fruit Green (white net)Orange/Grey (grey net)Sky Blue/Pink (pink net)

Hammock Material: Parachute fabric (70D Nissan) / 210T Niss fabric

Net Material:Nylon mesh

Package Include:1* Hanging bed, 2* 2m/3m Ropes2 *Black snap hook, 1* Package bag

General Use: camping, fishing, hiking, or just relaxing at home or garden, yard, patio, Outdoor Furniture



There are three different models in this listing, and their appearance or sizes have a little differ. Please refer to the pictures to choose your favorite item. Thanks for your understanding!


1.Tunnel type integrated mosquito net, supported with fiber glass rod, easy installation

  1. Net cloth stretches naturally, large space, convenient access
  2. Built-in mosquito net to protect from insects, also allowing the air to circulate.
  3. Easy to store and carry


Folding process

  1. Flat the hammock and gather
  2. Bending the stay bars of the net
  3. Put the stay bars into bag
  4. Bending the rest of stay bars into bag
  5. Put the hammock & ropes into bag
  6. Tighten the bag



Do not bend the stay bars to 90 degree

Away from the fire

Do not swing strongly