10pcs Flattened Treble Hook 2/4/6/8# Silver Matte Finish High Carbon Steel Sea Fishing Barbed Hooks

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General Specification

Name: Treble Hooks

Model: FH18A01

Material: High Carbon Steel

Coating: Silver matte finish

Shape: Round Bend

Size: 2#、4#、6#、8#

Packing: 10pcs/pack

Application: Saltwater/ Freshwater



Feature Highlight

  1. Made of high carbon steel with forged engineering, adds higher tensile strength, making it an Perfect choice for fresh and saltwater fishing
  2. The round bend design and chemically sharpening technique needle points will allow deep penetration of the point in a bass' mouth and help hold the fish as it tries to shake out your lure
  3. Trebles feature a short shank for fewer snags
  4. These hooks are silver matte finished to prevent rust and corrosion and help maintain the super-sharp points







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