3pcs/set 6pcs/lot Fishing Float Luminous Night Electronic Float with battery

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General Specification

Name: Fishing Float
Model: XA, XB, XC
Material: Plastic body with metal battery compartment and fiber glass tail


  • This fishing float is equipped flashing light warning mechanism, it’ll flash with red and green light alternately when fish bites the hook
  • The float has a metal battery compartment, sealed with exquisite silicone waterproof ring, it has tight connection, can better protect the battery
  • The battery can last 300 hours with no worry of the electronic warning function
  • Big wind (even storms) won’t trigger the warning flashing, we don’t need to worry the impact of the wrong signals
  • Explosion-proof float top design with three-layer protection, strengthen the stability of the float tail and extend the float lifespan
  • The float tail is made of high quality glass fiber and has good toughness
  • Comes with a free typical Chinese style well-made float box for 3pcs/lot variants, and blue-white metal box for 6pcs/lot variants


Package Include

3pcs fishing floats+ free box (battery included)


6pcs fishing floats+ blue-white metal box (battery included)