About us

Fairiland outdoor Co., Ltd is an fishing and outdoor equipment design and development corporation, headquartered in Suzhou, China . We focus on designing products for outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, cycling. We strive to design best performance-price ratio products in the market. We are constantly listing products to our store and providing first-rate services to our customers.

Why shop from us:
  1. We focus and are professional on fishing and outdoor; 
  2. From factory to customers, we're direct, transferring best value to our customers; 
  3. We are managing to build one-stop gear shopping centre for our customers.

In addition, to server our customers better, we are providing local warehousing services in Unite States, Canada, Russia, and some of items will be available in these warehouses.

If you cannot find your desired products on this site, or have any questions, just simply drop us a line, we do our best to meet your needs.