Drum Trolling Reel with Digital Counter LEFT/RIGHT HAND 12-18Kg Drag Power

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General Specification

 Name: Drum Trolling Reel with Digital Counter

Color: Gold, Blue, Red

Ball bearings: 4 BB (3BB + 1RB)

Gear ratio: 5.1:1/4.1:1

Spool: Aluminum alloy cold forging

Body: Reinforced nylon plus fiber, durable and light

Gear system: Precision machined brass oscillation gear system

Main shaft: Stainless steel main shaft with perfect corrosion and impact protection

Line guide: Metal line guide equipped with automatic wire structure

Knob: TPR oversized comfortable knob create rotating sound structure

Wheel foot: Stainless steel



  1. Depth counter -Know exactly how deep you are and how far you have to haul your next catch!
  2. 4 Teflon brake washers with aluminum star-shaped brake wrench provide up-to 18kg drag power
  3. Left/Right hand available
  4. Corrosion resistant: No gap structure design with 7 precision sealed stainless steel anti-corrosion ball bearings to perform in a harsh saltwater environment
  5. Built-in alarm system with crisp ticking sound
  6. Suitable for Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Lake, Reservoir pond, River